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We have a dream!

A sustainable harbor  city!

An example to the world!

Industry Jobs

Industry Jobs

Ship Building
& Maintenance

A new Fishing Industry

Sign our Declaration of Support

We believe Curaçao can be
100% sustainable within five years

GreenTown Curaçao is an environmentally friendly initiative with a mission. GreenTown wants to replace the heavily polluting oil refinery on Curaçao with a lively, green and vibrant city district around the harbor, generating more than 16,000 new jobs, a significant increase in government revenues and be powered solely with sustainable energy. In the future, this new city will provide tens of thousands of people with the opportunity to find clean and sustainable jobs and housing.


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Statutes GreenTown Curaçao Netherlands

GreenTown Curaçao Netherlands.

The first meeting of the Greentown Foundation Curacao Netherlands has taken place.

The objective of the Foundation is to support the GreenTown Foundation in Curaçao and promote a 100% sustainable Curaçao.

On this picture: Andres Casimiri, Orlando Meulens, Sven Rusticus, Nasha Desbarida and Aubrich Bakhuis.


Click on 'view report' to see or download a copy of the statutes of the foundation. 

GreenTown Curaçao Team


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Amigoe, 02 September 2014

GreenTown develops a Masterplan

Meer steun verwerven voor een alternatief gebruik van het Isla-terrein en het opstellen van een concreet plan zijn de voornaamste doelstellingen van de Nederlandse zusterstichting van Green Town Curaçao. De stichting hoopt hiermee twijfelende politic…

Greentown Amigoe September 2014